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Community section of Website - needs some work?
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I realise the community section of the website is probably quite new and is rather a work in progress but there are a few aspects of it that I think need some work to make the section a bit more user friendly.

1. The navigation is a little bit confusing. For example, when you click on the 'First Single Holiday' tab you are taken to the appropriate page and, logically, that tab comes to the front. But when you click on the 'Your Community' tab although you are taken to the right page from the tabs it looks as if you still have the Welcome page selected. However this tab changes its name between Home and Welcome just to confuse a bit more.

2. Its possibly just me but while I can see how to reply to a mesage on the Message Board I cannot see how you add a new one - do we have to write to the Editor first? If so why have 2 separate sections?

3. Why is there sometimes a delay between posting a message and it appearing on the website? It can kill any flow of 'conversation'. I appreciate you want to prevent spam posting messages offering to enlarge various parts of our bodies (or worse) but there are numerous forums on the internet that manage this just fine.

Overall I like the website but I do think it could be improved.

If there is anyone else even vaguely interested in this topic I would appreciate your views. Smile



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Hi Neil,

Many thanks for your message and you thoughts on the community - they are always welcome and without the users telling us what works and what doesn't, the community would never develop.

To begin with, i do agree with you about the navigation. The 'Your Community' tab on the top menu bar should come to the front when you are on that page - i'm not sure if this is an error, or if it was missed off the designs for the new site so i will look into this and get it changed. It will certainly make the navigation less confusing for users.

To post a new message, and not a reply, simply select the section of the message board you want to add your post to - so Your Tour Managers, Your Holiday Tip etc - at the top of the page, below where it says 'Here you can....' there is the option to post a new message.

Am very sorry if you've experienced delays with your messages. The Just You Community is managed manually, and while we do try to guarantee that all messages will be approved within 24 hours of posting, with weekends taking longer, unfortunately this means that your messages won't appear instantly.

If there is anything else you would like to ask, please to hesitate to get in touch. Once again, many thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Kind regards,

Cheryl, your editor
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