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Canadian Rockies & Vancouver with Alaska Cruise 29th April
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Olly, I'm a bit confused. Some time ago I asked who would be the tour manager on the holiday on 29th April. You replied and said Yvette Barnett.However,looking at the message board you have also told the Rocky Mountaineer group that she would also be their manager on the 28th April tour. As some dates for the two holidays are dissimilar eg. on her day 3 (30th) she will be on her way to Jasper, whilst we on our day 2 { 30th) will still be in Banff. Likewise on her day 4 (May 1st)she is still in Jasper, but we on our day 3 (May 1st) will be on a trip to Lake Louise, and overnighting once again in Banff. Does this mean that on certain days one group will be without a tour manager - and is she going on the train or by coach?
Also can you please tell me how many have booked for the Cruise and in particular how many on the coach tour will be cruising?
Thanks a lot, Barbara.
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Hi Barbara

My mistake - thanks for spotting that.
To clarify:
The tour manager for Canadian Rockies and Vancouver with Alaska Cruise (SVCRWA), 29 April, will be David Crawford.
The tour manager for Canadian Rocky Mountaineer (SVCRWR), 28 April, will be Yvette Barnett.

For your tour - Canadian Rockies & Vancouver - 13 people have booked the main tour, with nine of them also taking the add-on.

Sorry for the incorrect information. the tour codes are very similar so I must have confused them!

Have a great holiday.
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor
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