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South Africa 10th March 2020 tour guide praise - Bridget Jane - 03/04/2020

I was a member of the group on this tour that was flown back to the UK following FCO Directives on 17th of March 2020. I would really like to give a mention to our wonderful wonderful tour guide GABBY.  Our equally wonderful tour manager Annie was put into self isolation at the hotel, following falling ill, on the 16th of March. From that moment on Gabby was compelled to take on Annie’s role and care for and guide us At this terribly difficult time.  She had to liaise with JUST YOU, who were arranging flights for that evening to get us home, while the situation changed minute by minute. She had to see that Annie was okay, reassure our group as we got increasingly anxious, organise Our long coach journey throughout that day on the 17th up to Port Elizabeth to get our connecting flight onto Johannesburg, then on to Dubai from where we were flown home.  She is just a young girl and although an amazing, talented and wonderful guide she was not used to dealing with any pressure situations such as this, but she managed it magnificently! She kept a smile on her face at all times even though her eyes showed the worry she was undoubtedly feeling. Not only for our safety, but probably for her very future (personal and professional) as this is Surely in doubt at this time. Not once did she ever mention any personal fears or worries she must of been having. I really hope that somehow you can let her know how wonderful our whole group think she is. If you can contact her in any way could you please pass on our love, thanks and best wishes.  We hope she and her little boy and family are safe and well and coping throughout this crisis. And with all our hearts we thank her for helping us get home.

RE: South Africa 10th March 2020 tour guide praise - Julia - 03/04/2020

Hi Bridget Jane,

Thank you for sharing this - I will forward it on to our operations team to pass on.

Stay safe,