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The rockies - Julie L - 05/03/2020

When is the best time to go to the rockies? I was thinking about end of August/September 2021, as I have my holiday allowance all booked up for this year.

RE: The rockies - Julia - 06/03/2020


The Rockies are absolutely stunning at any time of the year. Dave recently wrote a review about his winter wonderland trip so that's worth checking out. I went in September and the weather was dry and mild and although there was a small flurry of snow in Banff, it didn't stick. The colours of the lakes we visited were spectacular and we got to see a variety of wildlife. I'm sure some of our members will also share their experiences with you.

Kindest regards,


RE: The rockies - RogerT - 06/03/2020

Hi Julie,

As Julia intimates, there’s no bad time to visit The Rockies ..
I was there in late June when the weather was glorious. The mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, views, wildlife, towns and food equally so. Absolutely loved Banff and the surrounding area.
Dave’s and Mike’s Reviews of their winter trips paint a totally different landscape, but one that has me very keen to experience (maybe early ‘21) as a result.
Whichever you decide to do, I’m sure it will amaze and delight. Spin that coin !


RE: The rockies - AbbaDave - 06/03/2020

Hi I've booked to do the east to west in Sept 2021 having just done the winter rockies really looking forward to seeing the Rockies especially the lovely Banff in a much different light