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Pompeii, Paestum & Herculaneum - Mick W - 27/01/2020


Just wondered if you mind me asking a question about a Travelsphere holiday.

Will be on the above holiday 21st March and are not planning to do both optional excursions but intending to do other things in the area (local buses, walks, etc).

However where we are staying is unclear on the website.

On the Tour Overview page it states we are staying in "Vico Equense" however when you look at the hotel details it says we are staying at a hotel in "Minori".

The Day by Day itinerary also contradicts itself saying Day 4 - Minori or Day 7 Vico Equense.

Could you possibly confirm where we are staying.


RE: Pompeii, Paestum & Herculaneum - Julia - 27/01/2020

Hi Mick,

I am aware that the hotel in the accommodation section pulls through the hotel for the next available departure, and travellers heading to Pompeii with us in February will be staying in Minori. I will speak to the team about the day-by-day itinerary.

The hotel listed for your departure is the Hotel Aequa in Vico Equense. As always, your el will be confirmed in your final documents.

Kindest regards,

RE: Pompeii, Paestum & Herculaneum - Mick W - 27/01/2020

Hi Julia,
Thank you very much that's great.


ps: If you know Jacob or Hannah in your planning department please say hello (from Cathy & Mick), we met them on the San Fran to Seattle tour last year.

RE: Pompeii, Paestum & Herculaneum - Julia - 27/01/2020

Hi Mick,

Not a problem, and yes, I know both Jacob and Hannah so I will pass on the message for you.

Kindest regards,