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The Iconic and the Wild.... - Lynharwood - 13/01/2020

Extremely excited to be embarking on my first JY holiday this Friday Jan 17th to India......anyone else out there on this holiday? I’d love to connect with’s pretty daunting not knowing a single soul! Lyn x

RE: The Iconic and the Wild.... - Dina - 14/01/2020

I am not on this tour but would like to say to you that you may not get any responses from people going on your tour. This Forum is a very useful tool BUT a lot of people don't use it, so don't be despondent, if you don't receive other replies.
I did my first JY tour in October 2005 to India,very nervously, but it was one of the best things that I have ever done. I have done over 20 tours, 4 to India and my next one at the end of February is to India again. 
Yes, it will seem daunting to start with on your first tour but as soon as you arrive at the airport and meet other travellers any apprehension will soon be forgotten. You will be busy making new friends.
Make sure the you have your JY luggage label visible for others on the tour to see you, likewise if you see others with the label introduce yourself. Basically everyone is friendly. 
In India go with an open mind for an assault of the senses. India is a beautiful country but the sights, sounds and smells, the chaos of the roads soon become an ordinary part of everyday life. The iconic buildings such as the Taj Mahal are awesome, but as far as I am concerned other places such as the Amber Fort have just as much appeal.
On the "Iconic part" of the tour be prepared for long coach journeys.
The "wild part" of the tour is the tour that I am looking forward to in February and at this stage I know little about the Parks.
India is a fascinating country which cannot be absorbed in one visit, it is an explorer's paradise which can even challenge seasoned visitors because some things can and do go wrong!!
I hope that you enjoy your holiday and come back planning your next JY adventure.
Kind Regards

RE: The Iconic and the Wild.... - Peter G - 15/01/2020

Hi Lyn
I am going on the Iconic and the Wild tour that starts on Feb 21st. I am sure you will have great time when you meet up with your fellow travellers. You could write a report on your return to let us know how the two tours back to back worked out.i agree with the advice given by Dina whom I should meet in Delhi for the second part of the tour.
I shall have to apply for my e-visa soon.

RE: The Iconic and the Wild.... - 1981Kedi - 16/01/2020

Hi Lyn

Good to have you on the forum! I think everyone wonders who they are going to meet on their holiday, whether it's a first trip, or many trips later! So, tie those labels to your main case and hand luggage - then look out for other travellers at check in, in the lounge or at the departure gate. You'll soon meet up with your fellow travellers - and the adventure begins!

I am doing the Tiger Trail as a stand alone tour leaving 27 February - looking forward to it, even the long road journeys in India have a fascination all of their own - so different to home! Watch out for cows in the road! - and bicycles with massive loads of grass, plastic or cardboard that seem to be propelling themselves!

It would be great if you could post a review on your return, with any tips and hints that may be useful to us following in your footsteps!

Have a really great time.

RE: The Iconic and the Wild.... - Lynharwood - 17/01/2020

Thank you Peter, I’m pleased to hear you and Dina are fully supportive of JY and India.....can’t wait to get going on it! And yes, I’ll post on my return to give my insight on the Wild. Xx
Lyn x