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Trains of the Pyrenees - SarahS - 30/11/2019

I’m interested in this holiday, but wondering about the transfer times on outward and return from Barcelona airport to hotel. Can you advice please.

RE: Trains of the Pyrenees - Vickie - 03/12/2019

Good morning Sarah,

Apologies for the delay. The transfer time is 2 hours.

Many thanks,

RE: Trains of the Pyrenees - SarahS - 03/12/2019

Thank you.  Having looked at the map provided JY website, the return route  from Roses looks to be longer  than the outward transfer.  Can you confirm times for both transfers please.  Also, will multiple flights be taken on the same transfer.  I’ve had lots of hanging around at airports in this situation in the past.

RE: Trains of the Pyrenees - Paul N - 03/12/2019

Hi Vickie and Sarah
Back in August 2018 I did send a post 'Airport transfer times' with a request that it be added to website and was told the team would look at it. I have posted another reply to that post recently may may have got missed or not shown up given the time scale. 
Just a thought now the website has had an excellent revamp could it be included in the 'Day 1' Itinerary or under the new heading of 'Additional Information' one less job for you Vickie and makes our holiday deliberations easier.
Many thanks

RE: Trains of the Pyrenees - Vickie - 04/12/2019

Hi Paul,

So, temporarily we have put a document with transfer information here:

Longer term the web team is working on adding this to the 'additional information' tab on individual tour pages. This is still a work in progress at the moment, so please stay tuned for this Smile

Many thanks,

RE: Trains of the Pyrenees - Rose1999 - 04/12/2019

This is really useful information Vickie, is there any chance it can be flagged up as a post on its own rather than lost in this one please?

RE: Trains of the Pyrenees - Vickie - 06/12/2019

Hi Rose,

Sure Smile I'll do this now in a pinned thread.

Many thanks,

RE: Trains of the Pyrenees - Vickie - 09/12/2019

Hi Sarah,

We approximate that the airport transfer at the beginning and end of the tour will be 2 hours

Arrival transfer airport to first hotel: 13:45

Departure transfer from last hotel to airport: 9:00

The flights covered by the transfers will depend on the timings of those flights, if that makes sense.

Many thanks,