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RE: Tiger Tour in February - 1981Kedi - 04/12/2019

Thanks Liz - so glad you got to see a tiger - they are magnificent and even more so when spotted in the wild. I just posted on another thread asking for a review and then saw your comments - very timely - thank you.

Having been to Delhi before I remember the traffic, and sitting in the traffic, well. That's why I am hoping the Delhi tour will be re-instated on the arrival day. I haven't seen the step well and am particularly looking forward to that. Not having any time in Mumbai is very disappointing - our proposed flight, the last from Nagpur, is later than yours - not arriving til 10.20pm - let's hope it is not cancelled at the last minute!!!!

Your tips are useful - I remember how chilly the early mornings were in Ranthambore (and other safari trips) but a really early start is best for spotting the wildlife. A pair of gloves as well as a fleece helps. Were you in open jeeps for the safaris? 

Also - I saw that horse riding was available at one of the lodges - did anyone try this out? 

Hope you are now fully recovered from the trip and adjusting to the temperature change - frosty here today!

RE: Tiger Tour in February - Dina - 04/12/2019

Hi Lizzie

Thank you so much for doing a review. Am pleased that you enjoyed your holiday and that you all saw tigers. Am appreciative that seeing wildlife can't be guaranteed. 
It sounds as if the journey to Nagpur took a couple of hours longer than I had read. Our flight doesn't get into Mumbai until 22.20. Like you, I have already been to India a few times so I am always ready for long bus journeys. Yep, traffic can be horrendous.
A couple of us are a bit disappointed about probably not being able to see Mumbai and Holi, especially when the website for day 12 specifically talks about Mumbai.
Our  step well visit is scheduled for day 3 so we are hoping that it can be pulled in then. Our day 2 in the afternoon is free.
The tips and advice are very useful, much obliged to you for sharing. I am sure that I will enjoy sitting round fire pits in the evenings as I have done so on previous trips.
I am really looking forward to this tour, not only for the tigers, but like you for seeing more of rural India.
(I went on the first Darjeeling Tour with the Invitation to India in October and the scenery in  Darjeeling and Gangtok was stunning).

Kind Regards

RE: Tiger Tour in February - Peter G - 05/12/2019

Hi Vickie
When I queried the flight times to Mumbai on March 9th on the Iconic and the Wild holiday you stated that those on my paperwork were incorrect and that I would be arriving in Mumbai at 1840. It now seems that those on the Tiger Trail holiday on the same day have been told their flight is now arriving in Mumbai at 2220 (my original time given). Which is correct? Am I on a different flight.?
Thank you LizzieK for your comments. I did not appreciate it would be cold on the early morning starts on safari.
I did not know that the holi festival was taking place at this time. I have not heard of it.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.

RE: Tiger Tour in February - Jaya - 06/12/2019

Hello Everyone

To see Mumbai, you really have to spend a day or more there due to horrendous traffic. When I did the Kerala trip, sightseeing in Mumbai was included but due to the fact I knew about the traffic and the early dark evening, I decided to go straight to the hotel and another lady joined me. We made the best decision as all those who went hardly saw anything as most of the time was spent in the traffic!


RE: Tiger Tour in February - Vickie - 09/12/2019

Hi Peter,

You will arrive in Mumbai at 18.40.

Many thanks,

RE: Tiger Tour in February - 1981Kedi - 09/12/2019

(09/12/2019, 11:01 AM)Vickie Wrote: Hi Peter,

You will arrive in Mumbai at 18.40.

Many thanks,

Sorry Vickie - can you clarify please? Does that mean the group will be split for the flights from Nagpur to Mumbai? I certainly don't want to be waving off part of the group and sitting around in Nagpur airport for hours waiting for the 20.40 flight.  Huh

RE: Tiger Tour in February - TimH - 09/12/2019

(26/11/2019, 12:02 PM)Dina Wrote: Hi Tim

Yes, it is 27th Feb. departure date.
I haven't witnessed Holi but have seen it on TV and it does look good fun.
Did you get covered in paint then in Nepal? Exciting stuff and very colourful.
I was going to do the combined tour with the Backwaters (Kerala, as you probably know) but cancelled that second part partially  because I would have been too nervous of travelling on any flights by myself, especially connecting flights in case anything went wrong.
Am really looking forward to seeing tigers again, saw them in Ranthambore on the Spirit of India back in 2012.
Will also look forward to meeting you, Kedi. Peter G and Angel again plus the others on the tour either in LHR or Delhi. Certainly Peter will be in Delhi.

Kind Regards

Look forward to meeting you at Heathrow, I did spirit of India in 2015 so like you know what the roads and traffic are like

In Nepal we were away from the centre for holi and everyone was good with the paint, you were not bombarded with it which was good, so hopefully we will get to experience it in our final day even if we have to travel home wearing paint


RE: Tiger Tour in February - TimH - 09/12/2019

(09/12/2019, 11:01 AM)Vickie Wrote: Hi Peter,

You will arrive in Mumbai at 18.40.

Many thanks,


If some in our group arrive 4 hours earlier in Mumbai what does that mean for the rest of us?  Hopefully not 4 hours waiting at an airport.  When I did spirit of India in 2015 we had a similar late transfer back to Delhi on the last night only to rush off early back to the airport making it a waste of time when if it’s too late to do anything an airport hotel would have been more appropriate.  Our tour manager did not disagree and many of us fed this back in the feedback form

Given holi is such a big festival it would be disappointing not to get the chance to experience it even if only briefly before rushing back to the airport


RE: Tiger Tour in February - Vickie - 11/12/2019

Hi all,

Sorry for the confusion with this one. I hope I have now got to the bottom of it.

So looking at your bookings on the system, you are all on the the 5pm flight to Mumbai, which lands at 6.40pm. So both groups will meet at the airport and get on the same flight.

If your paperwork is showing the incorrect flight times (anything different to the above) this will be corrected in your final documents.

Many thanks,

RE: Tiger Tour in February - 1981Kedi - 03/01/2020

The question of the TM for the 27 February 2020 Tiger Trail (and for the Iconic and the Wild - combined tour starting 21 February 2020) was asked in this thread so I have copied the response by Julia to the same question from another thread.........

..........Hi Peter & Di

If I've read the system correctly (and it's been awhile) I believe you will have the same Tour Manager throughout this trip, and it looks like the lovely Kim Clark has been provisionally allocated this tour. 

Di with the above, it means that Kim will be travelling out with the group that departs on the 21st February and will meet you in India.

Warmest regards,