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Tiger Tour in February - Dina - 22/11/2019

Hi Vickie

I did a post to you regarding the India Tiger Trail a couple of days ago and it has not appeared.
To be fair I did get a bit "carried away" when writing it and asked you a few questions, some of which you may not be able to answer immediately. Certainly the question about "Holi"! I also realize that this is a new tour, the first group being in India at the moment, I think, and that with every new tour there is often some tweaking to be done after the first outing.
This will be my fifth JY Indian tour (7th visit to India in total) and I am really looking forward to it, so excited hence the waffle, but it will be enhanced once we know what we are doing on the last two days of the tour.
So if nothing else can be clarified at this stage, please, could you at least let us know who the TM, if one already allocated?
I have done almost 30 JY and TS tours over the years and don't normally ask/grumble about much.

Kind Regards

RE: Tiger Tour in February - Vickie - 22/11/2019

Hi Di,

You certainly didn't get carried away, not at all! Smile Apologies for the delay in replying, I'm just waiting on answers from the team.

Your Tour Manager hasn't been assigned yet for this trip, so I'm afraid I can't give you an answer, but I will come back with answers to your other queries ASAP.

Many thanks,

RE: Tiger Tour in February - 1981Kedi - 22/11/2019

Hello all!

I am also on the Tiger Trail holiday departing at the end of February 2020. 

Several queries have been raised about this stand alone tour and there have also been comments raised by Peter G who is on the combined tour "Iconic and the Wild". 

I did raise some points under "India's Tiger Trail", https://forum.justyou.co.uk/thread-88977.html  some of which were addressed thank you, but I have not yet had any response to the following............

"I booked the Classic Touring Tiger Trail holiday as it included a little classic sightseeing as well as 5 included safaris. Therefore I chose the stand alone Tiger Trail anticipating a tour in Dehli on arrival on Day 2 - this has now been moved to day three where a tour of Delhi and the step well has been shoehorned into an already full programme of travel and visits on Day 3. Now the anticipated tour of Mumbai at the end of the holiday has all but disappeared due to the late flight times.

I am concerned that the tour I have chosen has been compromised by becoming part of a combined tour. I am still hopeful that the Delhi/step well tour will be rearranged back to the original Day 2 of the tour for those arriving on the Tiger Trail. Having flown all that way I don't want to spend a day "at leisure" or indeed have to make costly private arrangements which may anticipate the tour on Day 3.

So - returning to the end of the holiday - anyone fancy a couple of extra days in Mumbai? It is a shame that this is not offered as an add on - but of course that would not work with the combined tour!!!!" ............

Since I wrote that it appears the internal flight from Nagpur to Mumbai is now confirmed as arriving late evening 10.20 pm - so no time to explore Mumbai at all - just another 'day at leisure'.

I am looking forward to reading the responses to all the concerns, comments, suggestions and questions raised by Di and myself.

Best Regards

RE: Tiger Tour in February - TimH - 22/11/2019

Hi Di

Is this the 27 Feb departure? I'm booked on that one and hadn't realised it would coincide with Holi.

I was on the JY trip to Nepal a few years ago and we were lucky enough to be there for Holi, it was great fun so hopefully we get to experience this in India although looking online Holi takes place over 2 days with the second day (the day we fly back to the UK unless you are doing the longer trip) being the day everyone is covered in coloured powder.


RE: Tiger Tour in February - Dina - 22/11/2019

Hi Vickie

Thank you very much for the response.

Have a good weekend

RE: Tiger Tour in February - Dina - 26/11/2019

Hello again Vickie

Regarding a couple of the questions which you weren't able to give answers on immediately, I think that I have found the answers to now anyway.
I had asked about an earlier flight from Nagpur to Mumbai and also about Holi. So the flight: through the grapevine I heard that earlier flights do not cater for groups BUT I have also read in another company's brochure which dropped through my letterbox yesterday, that the driving distance from Kanha National Park to Mumbai is about 5 hours. I did double check it on google.
So Holi: following on from travel times from Kanha to Nagpur I cannot see that there would  be enough time to partake in Holi celebrations. However, I suspect travel times will be even longer because of Holi.
So from that point of view I am happy to go with the flow, in India expect the unexpected and when things go wrong in India as they quite often do it is all part of the experience which will always be remembered!

Kind Regards

RE: Tiger Tour in February - Vickie - 26/11/2019

Hi Dina,

Apologies for the delay, I'm just waiting on an answer from the team to your questions.

I will double check the above for you, just to make sure.


RE: Tiger Tour in February - Dina - 26/11/2019

Hi Vickie

Thank you very much.
i think that must be a record for such a quick response.

Kind Regards

RE: Tiger Tour in February - Dina - 26/11/2019

Hi Tim

Yes, it is 27th Feb. departure date.
I haven't witnessed Holi but have seen it on TV and it does look good fun.
Did you get covered in paint then in Nepal? Exciting stuff and very colourful.
I was going to do the combined tour with the Backwaters (Kerala, as you probably know) but cancelled that second part partially  because I would have been too nervous of travelling on any flights by myself, especially connecting flights in case anything went wrong.
Am really looking forward to seeing tigers again, saw them in Ranthambore on the Spirit of India back in 2012.
Will also look forward to meeting you, Kedi. Peter G and Angel again plus the others on the tour either in LHR or Delhi. Certainly Peter will be in Delhi.

Kind Regards

RE: Tiger Tour in February - LizzieK - 02/12/2019

Hi Dina and others,

I have just returned from the Tiger Trail tour and am delighted to say that all of our group saw tigers in the wild.  I only saw one but others in the group saw more and have some stunning photos.
We visited the step well on day 2 but it is not a particularly long visit, however the traffic in Delhi is very bad so all visits take a long time.  As for Mumbai, the journey from Kanha to Nagpur took approx. 7 hours and so an earlier flight would have been impossible.  Some of our group enquired about a tour of Mumbai but, with an arrival at the hotel at around 7.30pm, decided against it.  Evening traffic in Mumbai was very slow!
As with any new tour there are adjustments needed.  My comments to you are;
 There are a number of long road journeys and if your group is large enough to require a coach these can be slow at times.  
 You will need warm clothing for game drives as its cold at 6am.  
 Evenings at the game lodges were cool, we sat round fire pits, so be prepared.
 The tour manager travels from Heathrow so if you travel from a regional airport you may arrive before them and be met by the local guide.

I loved the mixture of sight seeing and wild life and seeing a more remote area of India.  It was my 4th visit to India and I enjoyed it immensely but I did need a few days rest when I got home.