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Chile, Argentina and Brazil - CarlaMc - 11/11/2019

So after over a year of being signed up to the Just You forum, I think I have finally worked up the courage to book my first trip!  Initially I thought I should play it safe and maybe book a short haul trip to somewhere in Europe.  However, I have decided to just go for it and choose where I really want to go- South America.  I am really interested in the trip to Chile, Argentina and Brazil, although I am slightly apprehensive about the news reports of unrest in Chile.  

I would love to hear from anyone who has been on this trip and if anyone is planning to do it in 2020?

Thanks so much


RE: Chile, Argentina and Brazil - EddieS - 21/11/2019


I did this trip in November 2018 and it was amazing. There was such variety on the trip that it had something for everyone. My favourite part of the holiday was Iguazu Falls which was just spectacular. You must do the Brazilian side as well as the Argentinian. Also Rio was fantastic. You will have a great time.


RE: Chile, Argentina and Brazil - ksf1 - 22/11/2019

I did the Chile, Patagonia and Easter Island trip last month. I have previously done Argentina and Brazil, Peru, Equador and the Galapagos Islands. I love South America as there is so much to see and as regards the Unrest in Chile, don't let it worry you. We were in Santiago when the rioting took off and we were never in any danger. Just You and their agents in Chile were on top off the situation at all times and our safety was always their number one priority. As it had just started there was some inconvenience with the curfews etc but don't let it put you off. As for plucking up the courage to book a trip, you will find after your first one there is absolutely nothing to worry about, everyone of your travelling companions will have felt the same way