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Airport lounge pass - Rose54 - 29/10/2019

I have received my luggage labels though the post today but the promised airport lounge pass was not included. I called this morning to ask and was told I would get an answer by email so I didn't need to hang on. No email received by end of the afternoon, so I called again. I was then told this was being handled by another department and she'd get in touch with them. I asked whether the lounge pass could be emailed to me or whether it would have to be sent through the post. She didn't know.

I wasn't going to raise this on the forum but it's quite unsatisfactory. Surely this is a simple matter for JY to resolve?

My trip is Walking in Nepal, departing Nov 7 2019.

RE: Airport lounge pass - Vickie - 01/11/2019

Hi Rose,

I'm really sorry to hear this. I believe you have spoken to our customer services team now and have received your lounge pass.

Please accept our apologies regarding not receiving correspondence, this will be looked into accordingly.

Many thanks,