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BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - Vickie - 16/09/2019

Morning everyone! 

Our brand new brochure will start landing on doorsteps today! 

Look out for our incredible 11 new tours: 

⭐ Uganda, Gorillas in the Mist
⭐ Ethiopian Discovery
⭐ Palm Springs & Beyond
⭐ Uzbekistan & The Silk Road
⭐ Walking in Snowdonia
⭐ Istanbul, Troy & Ephesus
⭐Corfu, Zagori & Meteora
⭐Splendours of Spain
⭐Flavours of Mallorca
⭐The Ultimate Italy
⭐Rome, Naples & Amalfi

Which ones are you most excited for? 

If you can't wait for your brochure to arrive, all tours are online at:

Happy reading! 


RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - jonah - 16/09/2019

Hi Vickie

Already booked on the Uzbekistan tour for May.  Is this a record for the fastest booking from a new brochure Big Grin

RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - jah39 - 16/09/2019

Hi Vickie,

Leaving for Inspiration China - 19th September and cannot wait x.

Very Interested in the Global Trip ? September 2020. Is it still going ahead as looking to book it in January.


RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - Vickie - 16/09/2019

Woo hoo! So exciting! Have a fantastic trip Jonah Big Grin

Many thanks,

RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - Vickie - 16/09/2019

Hi Jackie,

I'm afraid we have no plans to run our Global Explorer trip for 2020 at the moment, but maybe for 2021! Smile

Many thanks,

RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - AbbaDave - 16/09/2019

Hi Vickie 

Uganda, Gorilla's in the mist looks tempting


RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - Rose1999 - 18/09/2019

Hi Vickie

My lovely new brochure has arrived today and my 'wish list' just gets longer!!

But I haven't yet received my welcome home letter from my recent holiday to Pantelleria. I know I only arrived home on Saturday but it's always been waiting for me before. Can you chase it up for me please.

Many thanks

RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - Hils - 18/09/2019

(16/09/2019, 01:30 PM)AbbaDave Wrote: Hi Vickie 

Uganda, Gorilla's in the mist looks tempting


Hi Dave,

I hope you are well! You will definitely need to do Uganda (I am just about to go there!) to add to your "animal collection"!


RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - Chris84 - 19/09/2019

Hi Vickie

I already have Spain's Sunshine Coast and Experience South Africa booked in for 2020 so whilst the holidays look amazing I am already booked up for next year. I hope there is lots of interest and/or Just You give these holidays at least a couple of years to see how they go, especially there newer locations like Uganda, Ethiopia and Uzbekistan, because they would be on the shortlist for 2021.


RE: BROCHURE OUT TODAY! - Moderator - 19/09/2019

Hi Rose,

I hope you had an amazing time in Pantelleria Rose Smile

I've spoken with the team in charge of sending out questionnaires, and they've advised that it should be on the way Smile