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TS Balkan Adventure - jonah - 28/05/2019

Hi Vickie

I am interested in this holiday and am probably looking at at June 2020.  Would you please check if there are any single spaces available and if so how many?  Also as there is a lot of travelling on this trip, would it be possible to confirm the time on the coach on days 8 and 12 as they appear to be the longest transfers.

Last question - 2019 dates offer flights from Birmingham.  Why is this not available for 2020 departures or will it be?

Many thanks

RE: TS Balkan Adventure - Vickie - 29/05/2019

Hi Jonah,

Currently we have two single rooms showing for June 2020.

The airports offered depend on the schedule of an airline which is released 10 months ahead of departure Birmingham may be an option nearer the time, if not directly then we should be able to do it via a connecting flight.

On day 8 the transfer is approx 4hrs and on day 11 it's approx 5 1/2hrs.

I hope this helps!


RE: TS Balkan Adventure - jonah - 29/05/2019

Thanks Vickie

One more query about the loyalty voucher.  Is it only possible to apply this when booking i.e against the deposit or can it be used against the balance. 


RE: TS Balkan Adventure - Vickie - 03/06/2019

Hi Jonah,

The voucher must be redeemed when booking, yes Smile

Many thanks,

RE: TS Balkan Adventure - jonah - 03/06/2019

Thanks Vickie, although this is a disappointing reply as it means travellers are less likely to book early if they want to wait to use a voucher.