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Laundry in Cuba hotels - TonyC - 19/04/2019

Hi, does anyone know if the hotels used on Cuba Salsa and Cigars tour are able to do laundry, and if so what the approx cost would be, I’m going next Sunday and thinking about saving some packing if it is easy to get items laundered.


RE: Laundry in Cuba hotels - Vickie - 24/04/2019

Hi Tony,

We have the following information for the hotels. Not all specify a laundry service so I can only confirm the ones that do:

Hotel Sevilla – Can do Laundry service

Jagua Hotel - Not specified

Colon Hotel Camaguey - Not specified

Melia Santiago de Cuba - Can do Laundry service

Playa Costa Verde Hotel - Can do Laundry service

Memories Trinidad - Can do Laundry service

Regarding prices, it doesn’t specify, - however I would envisage it being very reasonably priced to be honest.

Many thanks,