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Croatia Island Explorer Sept 2019 - missynjp - 19/02/2019

Hi There,

Just wondered if there is anyone already booked on this tour? And if so, what is the age range like? I'm looking to do my first Just You tour that travels after 14th September and really fancied Croatia however i'm open to suggestions. I turn 40 this year (and i'd say i'm a young 40 lol) and so I can't help but wonder if this particular tour/itinerary is right for me? Any advice would be much appreciated

RE: Croatia Island Explorer Sept 2019 - Vickie - 20/02/2019

Hi Missy,

The average age of our customers on booked this particular trip is 65. However, this does vary and our customers tend to be anywhere from early 30s to early 80s.

Two of our team who are both in their mid 20s went on this trip during the summer. They had a fantastic time and got on with everyone there, who were all different ages Smile

This is a relaxing cruise designed to show you the culture of Croatia and there's a maximum of 20 people on each date, so a small group.

I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions, please do ask Smile

Many thanks,

RE: Croatia Island Explorer Sept 2019 - missynjp - 20/02/2019

Thanks Vickie this is really helpful.....think i'm gonna just go for it! Smile

RE: Croatia Island Explorer Sept 2019 - Vickie - 21/02/2019

Yay! Big Grin You will have a great time!

RE: Croatia Island Explorer Sept 2019 - JayGee328 - 27/02/2019

Hi, I'm considering joining this trip for 28th September, but have a problem with travel insurance that I would be grateful for some advice. Due to pre-existing conditions, I have to use a selected few companies, and my favourite (name withheld!) is claiming this trip is a 'cruise' and therefore wants to charge me an extra £28!
I have used them for regular cruising (I'm currently about to join a cruise on P & O) and don't mind paying a premium to offset the variety of countries visited and the high costs of the onboard medical facilities, but to call this local trip on a small(er) vessel seems a bit ridiculous. Has anyone else had the same experience?

RE: Croatia Island Explorer Sept 2019 - lesley07 - 28/02/2019


Have looked at the details for this holiday and I think it would be very difficult to argue that this is not a cruise! However an extra £ 28 does seem a bit steep so suggest you shop around. I use a company called Avanti and they may be worth a try.

Hope this helps


RE: Croatia Island Explorer Sept 2019 - Jellifer - 01/03/2019

It certainly seems like a cruise to me. I have annual travel insurance (including cruise cover) and it’s around £80 per year so it would be worth you shopping around.