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Sri lanka reviews - winnie59# - 09/02/2019

Hi just wondering if anyone did a sri Lanka tour recently as can only find reviews from 2014 and I am thinking of going in October thanks Wendy

RE: Sri lanka reviews - lesley07 - 11/02/2019

Hi Wendy

I visited Sri Lanka in May last year but with a different company. The itinerary was slightly different and I chose this holiday because it visited Yala National Park. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, the people are very friendly and I enjoyed the contrast of historical sites, developing cities and traditional tea estates.
The weather, in the main, was warm and sunny and I particularly enjoyed the free time at the beach at the end of my particular tour. My advice is go for it!

Hope this helps


RE: Sri lanka reviews - winnie59# - 11/02/2019

Thank you Lesley I think I will be booking soon

RE: Sri lanka reviews - Duncolm - 12/02/2019

I also did a tour a couple of years ago with another company. The itinerary was very similar except JY includes beach days while my tour did wildlife safaris at Yala. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The hotels were comfortable and never understaffed. I even managed to climb to the top of ​Sigiriya on the morning of my 60th birthday.
I was there in November which should have been getting into the rainy season but it stayed hot and dry for us until the last day. Then it poured.
The only downside for me was that the rest of the group were all English and Australians and they spent a lot of time arguing about cricket with our Sri Lankan guide....

RE: Sri lanka reviews - winnie59# - 12/02/2019

Thank you it sounds wonderful Wendy