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RE: New Book - Vickie - 16/01/2019

Hi Chris,

Apologies, I meant Worldwide! I have requested a Worldwide brochure for you as you have only received our Europe brochure.


RE: New Book - katy1717 - 16/01/2019


I also only received one brochure, the Europe one.  As I went to India with JY last February, I don't think your system is up to much.  +The JY holiday I'm currently the most interested in, is the Galapagos trip.  After all the BBC2 programmes earlier this month, Attenborough documentary + another series, it looks absolutely amazing - although the Chile/Easter Island trip is also on the wish list.

Could you please arrange for the other brochure to be sent to me as well.


RE: New Book - Pauline71 - 16/01/2019

Hi Vickie , please could I have the Europe brochure too.

Thanks Pauline

RE: New Book - SarahS - 16/01/2019

How bizarre!  How can a computer possibly decide which holidays I may or may not be interested in in the future?

RE: New Book - Peter G - 17/01/2019

Hi Vickie
I received a Worldwide brochure recently and was unaware that there was a new Europe brochure as well. The previous one I received last year in the green livery was Europe and Worldwide for 2018/2019 and I assumed there were no new European holidays. Please send me a new Europe brochure as I do both 'destinations.
I shall be going to the Destinations-Travel Show at Olympia again as there is a presentation on the Galapagos islands and may be attending on Saturday also.

RE: New Book - Vickie - 17/01/2019

Hi Peter,

No problem at all, I have requested a Europe brochure for you.

We look forward to seeing you at the show! Smile

Many thanks,

RE: New Book - SarahS - 17/01/2019

Can I have a European book too please.

RE: New Book - Avocet64 - 17/01/2019

Hi Vickie

I'm not an avid reader of forum posts so have only just caught up on this one. Like others I have only received the European brochure.  I had been waiting for the new brochure to come out before I booked my next holiday so was really disappointed when it dropped through the door, I didn't know there was a seperate Worldwide brochure.

To say the brochures sent out were based on holidays we've previously been interested in, so it's more tailored to us, has got to be incorrect.   I have been holidaying with JY since 2005 and to the best of my recall I have only had 4 European holidays in that time, all the others have been long haul, so how exactly is the European brochure tailor made for my requirements?  And like Sylvia's my brochure also came in a plastic wrapper. I'm not blaming you for this, you can only tell us what you've been told.

So Vickie, could you please arrange for me to have a Worldwide brochure and at the same time maybe suggest that those concerned in sending out brochures get their act together.

Many, many thanks


RE: New Book - Vickie - 17/01/2019

Hi Sarah,

No problem at all, I have requested one to be sent to you ASAP.

Many thanks,

RE: New Book - Vickie - 17/01/2019

Hi Avocet,

Thank you for your feedback about the brochure you've received, and the way the brochures have been decided for January. I will pass it on, along with everyone's, to the team so they are aware.

I will request a Worldwide brochure to be sent to you ASAP as well.

Many thanks,