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Christmas Cruise to Seville 21-12-18 - Mike A - 18/10/2018

Hi Vicky,  Who will be our Tm on this trip please and how many men/women are going please?

RE: Christmas Cruise to Seville 21-12-18 - Julia - 19/10/2018

Hi Mike,

The Tour Manager provisionally allocated to this tour is Gilliant Wyatt. There are 23 travellers booked on this cruise with the group made up of 6 men and 17 men and 6 women.

Kindest regards,


RE: Christmas Cruise to Seville 21-12-18 - Mike A - 20/10/2018

Thanks Julia

RE: Christmas Cruise to Seville 21-12-18 - Gill Tour Manager - 19/12/2018

(20/10/2018, 10:36 AM)Mike A Wrote: Thanks Julia

RE: Christmas Cruise to Seville 21-12-18 - Gill Tour Manager - 19/12/2018

Hi Mike - it's Gill Wyatt, your Tour Manager for the Christmas Cruise to Seville aboard La Belle De Cadiz
I am looking forward to spending time with the group on this wonderful trip.
I will be at Gatwick Airport near to the check-in desk at least three hours before scheduled departure.
Confirmed numbers for the trip are 21 in total, with 6 men and 15 ladies.

Look forward to meeting everybody on Friday.


RE: Christmas Cruise to Seville 21-12-18 - Mike A - 03/02/2019

Hi Gill. Looking forward to seeing you in London at the end of March. I went to the 'Destinations' exhibition at Olympia this afternoon, and I met Sharon Henry, the wonderful TM from my Florida JY trip in November 2017. She's an American, but she knows (by phone), who does the Florida and Majorca JY trips. Sharon and I hugged each other to bits, so much so that my Irish ( non JY ), friend Teresa , who I love to bits, wondered what was going on! That Florida trip was wonderful because Sharon was such a good TM, but I never expected her to be on the Travelsphere/JY stand at Olympia this afternoon though. She'd already done the previous Manchester section, but at least has only one more day to go in London.Like all the JY TM's though,and although I moan about JY, especially at the moment on Brochure issues, which poor Vickie hasn't addressed because she's been let down by the back office staff, their (JY's), Tour Managers, in my 6 experiences, are wonderful and dedicated people.They love us for the duration of our trips, and we love them! (Except for, by feedback, the terrible bad reviews for Christmas and New Year in Malta for two years running now, which seems down to the local TM's.
Christmas in Malta, by the reviews , and the blatant and unfair overcrowding in Mijas over the Christmas period.
with JY, but with the brochure issue, the limited dining options now offered, not withstanding the remote hotels since you were taken over by the Canadian company, who seem to have no idea of what we Brits want, JY has seemingly gone downhill fast. Not your fault though Vickie, but you are the customer face of JY, so you have to take it on the chin. If it gets that bad, which it has lately, there's always Prozac after all! In the meantime, tell your bosses to get their act together P.D.Q, because JY is letting their loyal customers down, as per the recent comments you are getting in ALL areas of service - and yes, I really was serious about the standard of these new PINK flimsy labels. Grey nd Green were gret. Now we've been downgraded to these horrible PINK , low quality , badly designed labels.