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Borneo - Sue I - 24/08/2017

I recently posted a couple of questions about who is going to Borneo in Oct 2017 but I can't see that my post has been put on the forum.
Please could you let me know the age ranges of the travellers and numbers of men and women?
It's my first solo trip and I'm really looking forward to addition it's my special birthday and is my present to myself so is extra exciting ?
Thank u

RE: Borneo - Moderator2 - 29/08/2017

Good Morning Sue,

I can tell you that in total 18 travellers are booked onto the Wild Borneo tour in October 2017.

The age ranges between early 50s - late 70s.

There are no male travellers that are booked onto this tour, but there are 11 females on the main tour and 7 females who are booked onto the add-on.

I hope that this information helps you.

Have a fantastic first solo trip!

Kind Regards,