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Route 66 - thefrostyone - 31/07/2017

Are the numbers for Route 66 in October confirmed please and has a Tour Manager been assigned?

Many thanks


RE: Route 66 - Julia - 31/07/2017

Hi Frosty,

There are currently 26 travellers booked on the October date with just 9 places available.

The Tour Manager provisionally allocated to this tour is Jim Conkle.

Kindest regards,


RE: Route 66 - thefrostyone - 31/07/2017

Thank you Julia,

Looking forward to the tour - I would have been disappointed if I had left it until next year to book.
Sad to learn JY are resting Route 66 AND Big Texas Adventure (FABULOUS holiday last year) and thankful that I made it this year.


RE: Route 66 - thefrostyone - 31/07/2017

Hi Julia
If I wanted to go on the Santa Fe excursion do I book it through my travel agent or wait and book with our Tour Manager?

Many thanks


RE: Route 66 - Moderator2 - 01/08/2017

Good Afternoon Frosty,

You can do either- whatever you are comfortable with.

Kind Regards,