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Canada & Rocky Mountaineer Sept 2017 - Teresamh65 - 29/07/2017

Hi, I am booked on this trip and wonder if you could give me some advice about what the weather will be like so I know what clothes to pack and also how much currency I need to take with me.

RE: Canada & Rocky Mountaineer Sept 2017 - Moderator2 - 31/07/2017

Good Afternoon Teresamh65,

September usually has warm days and cool evenings so we recommend light to medium weight clothing. In regards to currency, we recommend that you take the Canadian Dollar which is their national currency. I cant tell you exactly how much you need to take but looking at the itinerary for this tour, I can see that it is not full board so I recommend taking money for food, souvenir's and other things you might want on your holiday.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

RE: Canada & Rocky Mountaineer Sept 2017 - AELB - 31/07/2017

Hi Teresa

Welcome to the Community - you've picked a terrific tour and I'm sure you'll have a super time. If you type 'Rocky Mountaineer' into the search function at the top right of the page, you'll find reviews, hints and tips from fellow JYers who have done the trip previously.

I did an earlier version of the itinerary back in September  2011 and (until Alaska overtook it recently) it was my favourite tour so far. I would say that packing layers is the key. While in the mountains it was surprisingly chilly, especially in the mornings, and it even snowed on 3rd Sept! As you will be going along the ice field parkway, I would recommend taking a fleece, hat and gloves. However, by the time you reach Vancouver you will probably be in t-shirts because from Kamloops onwards it will warm up quite a bit. The train itself is very comfortable and you won't a coat with you for those two days of the journey.

Happy to help if you have any other questions
All the best

RE: Canada & Rocky Mountaineer Sept 2017 - nixon - 31/07/2017

I usually budget £50 a day, that should be enough for food drinks and the odd trinket. I also take my credit cards and bank cards just in case I need to buy something bigger, or pay for optional trips or flights etc.