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TV Programme about India - 1981Kedi - 19/06/2017

Last night I watched Timothy West and Prunella Scales as they navigated a "canal boat" through the canals and waterways of Kerala - wonderful programme and amazing scenes of life in Southern India. Chanel 4 - Great Canal Journeys - India. The second episode is next Sunday evening at 8pm when they head for waterways in the far north of India.

Brings back fond memories of my Spirit of India tour last February and really whets my appetite for a trip to Southern India and Kerala next year!

RE: TV Programme about India - Jaya - 19/06/2017

Hi Diane

Thanks for posting this. I usually do not watch any TV at weekends so thank you for this. I will have to make sure I watch the next episode.

Kind regards


RE: TV Programme about India - jonah - 19/06/2017

Hi Diane

My treat for this evening. Glad you can recommend it. I enjoyed Kerala so much, it will bring back happy memories.

RE: TV Programme about India - lesley07 - 19/06/2017


I too watched this programme and having been to Kerala it brought back happy memories. Look forward to next programme.


RE: TV Programme about India - Jaya - 06/07/2017

Another programme with Joanna Lumley started yesterday at 09:00. She is touring India and started in Madurai, Southern India and then travelled along Western Ghats to the tea plantations and saw wild elephants, went to Kolkata (used to be called Calcutta!), Hyderabad and then on to Sikkim. Can't wait for next Wednesday!