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Airport Lounges - sjm533 - 22/01/2017

I have a holiday organised which will involve a 5hr connection time wait at T3 Heathrow one way and a 4hr wait at T5 the other.  Has anyone any experience of airport lounges at either of these terminals please?  At around £36 for T3 and £26 for T5 are they worth it?


RE: Airport Lounges - lesley07 - 23/01/2017

Hi Sylvia

Have only ever used lounges when they have come as part of the holiday deal. Best was in Terminal Four. Terminal Three was ok but I have not tried Lounge in Terminal Five. Not sure they are worth prices but would give you somewhere more comfortable to wait for your flight.

Happy travelling


RE: Airport Lounges - AnnF - 23/01/2017

I too have only used the lounges when part of the JY deal. When I went to Canada in 2013 we used the lounge in Terminal 3 which was fairly large and light with friendly staff; when I went in 2016 it was from Terminal 5 and that lounge, though very modern, was cramped, the food and drink was so-so and the staff were very unfriendly. In the latter case it didn't help that it was during European and North American school holidays so the place was packed with families. If you're willing to pay, I'd say consider the one in Terminal 3 but don't go anywhere near the one in T5.


RE: Airport Lounges - jonah - 23/01/2017

Hi Sylvia

I would definitely use it for that length of wait especially if it includes free food and drink. Comfortable seats, no queues for food or loos.  Well worth it.  I was quoted £65 at Kuala Lumpur to use the lounge - I didn't.

RE: Airport Lounges - nixon - 23/01/2017

I have only ever used them when part of the tour....but if I had a big wait from one flight to another I might be tempted, as Lesley said it's some where more comfortable, and less stressed I would think, so therefor more relaxing, if ever waiting from a flight is relaxing. So yes if I was you I would book it, by the time you eat some nibbles and drink a few drinks that will take the over all price down...


RE: Airport Lounges - sjm533 - 23/01/2017

Thank you all for your advice.  It pretty well confirms what my online searches have revealed.  Not sure if I can book T3 on my return when my flight goes from T5, probably not since it is after security, but certainly worth asking.  I will wait until my flights have been confirmed before I do anything - they have already been changed once.

Lesley - nice to be in touch again.
Ann - this is a privately arranged trip so no JY deals on this one!  I will take your advice re holidays, since this will be in the week after Easter.
Jonah - yes it does include food and drink.



RE: Airport Lounges - janib - 23/01/2017

Hello Sylvia,

Yes to T3, too much to see and do at T5 that you would miss a great experience. So annoyed with myself as I found so many great shops and restaurants when I was running for the gate Wink Also at T5 I bought in Hamleys to collect on return- big mistake as the flight was delayed and no-one to collect from including a big queue for hotels in London as people had missed their connecting flights. Just caught my coach by a whisker Angry 


RE: Airport Lounges - Jaya - 27/01/2017

The best lounge was when I did the Kerala trip flying with Jet Airways. Wish I had known about the lovely food on offer. Due to a previous lounge experience, where not much food was on offer, I had a large salad before going to the lounge only to find a lovely hot buffet, soup and salads on offer!



RE: Airport Lounges - jonah - 30/01/2017

I was just wondering if I can upgrade my lounge pass for Kerala on 17th February.  I am arriving due to connecting transport at 4pm for a 9pm flight.  JY have confirmed that the pass is for 3 hours but there are 6 hour passes available - is it possible to purchase an upgrade either to 6 hours or to Business Lounge which I think is available 24/7