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Alaska Sept 5 2016 - Mandy G - 05/07/2016


Can you please tell me the allocated Tour Manager is and will he or she be at Heathrow and flying out with us. Plus how many people on this tour. Wink


Mandy G

RE: Alaska Sept 5 2016 - Julia - 05/07/2016

Hi Mandy G

The provisional tour manager for this tour is the wonderful Brian Croft and it looks like he will be flying out with the group.

At the moment there are 17 travellers booked on this departure with just 3 places remaining.

Kindest regards,


RE: Alaska Sept 5 2016 - Mandy G - 05/07/2016

Thank you Julie for your quick reply.  I went with Brian Croft last year to Japan had a great time and a good laugh with him. Shy


Mandy G