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Rocky Mountaineer 6th Sept - murraymints - 26/04/2016

Hi, I'm thinking of going on the Rocky Moutaineer trip on the 6th Sept. Could you please tell me the flight times and also what the flight connection times from Manchester would be. 
Thanks for your help.

RE: Rocky Mountaineer 6th Sept - Moderator - 27/04/2016

Hi Angela,

It is such an exciting tour and there are only 10 places remaining on the trip.The provisional flight times from Heathrow are as follows:

You will depart from Heathrow Airport at 13:05hrs and arrive in Calgary Airport at 14:55hrs. On your return journey, you will depart Vancouver Airport at 18:30hrs and arrive back in Heathrow Airport 11:40hrs.

In regards to connecting flights, you will have to give our Holiday Advisors a call as they will be able to offer you the best options avaiaibile for the connection.

Kindest regards,