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Escape holidays - Avocet64 - 10/03/2016

Hi Monty

Escape holidays have included excursions which, as the brochure says, you can opt in or out of.  Do these included excursions still run irrespective of how many people want to do them?  For instance, the holiday I am looking at has only 11 out or 25 places booked ( I was hoping they would have bumped up by now, time is running out). Always assuming the holiday is cleared to run, what would happen if, say, only 3 or 4 people, or worse still even less, wanted to do an included excursion? 

Many thanks


RE: Escape holidays - Moderator - 10/03/2016

Hi Avocet,

That's correct, in fact all of our holidays have an opt in or opt out system as we don't want to force you to do anything. All of the included excursions run, no matter how many people want to take part. They are factored in to the cost of your holiday so a minimum number for them is not usually an issue. Also, if it is the he holiday we spoke about a couple of weeks ago - this has been cleared to operate!

Kindest regards,

RE: Escape holidays - Avocet64 - 10/03/2016

Thanks Monty, I'm not one who would normally do an Escape holiday, I usually like the full on long haul ones, but every now and again something a bit closer to home takes my fancy.  This holiday has received such good reviews in the past and it looks such a lovely part of Italy I thought I'd give it a whirl, just don't want to be lying around all the time, so good to know the included's would still go ahead regardless.