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Christmas holidays - adg29 - 07/03/2016

Dear Editor

I have been looking for a longish haul trip over xmas period and find that JY and other companies have very little
Is this because of
Holiday season
Hotel availability
Lack of TM'S
or not being very popular


RE: Christmas holidays - Moderator - 08/03/2016

Hi Alan,

Great question! Most of the long haul countries that we visit are in the high season over the Christmas period, so it is a little difficult for us to secure availability in hotels suitable for our customers and the cost to secure them can be excessive. Our new festive brochure is in production here at JYHQ as we speak and we have some AMAZING new holidays on offer - including a couple of really exciting long haul trips.

Kindest regards,

RE: Christmas holidays - BGray - 08/03/2016

Hi Alan/Monty,

Sounds exciting!  Let's hope that if these are new tours for Christmas/New Year that they will be available at other times of year as well for people like me who can't travel at Christmas!  I'd love to do the Morocco trip - even more so if it was extended to be a week long trip including the Atlas Mountains - IF it was available at a time other than Christmas (hint, hint!).



RE: Christmas holidays - Jellifer - 08/03/2016

hi Monty,

I've been waiting to hear about the options over Christmas and wondering how many days holiday I might need to save. The new trips sound exciting - when will they be online and when can we expect the brochure?

Many thanks

RE: Christmas holidays - Moderator - 09/03/2016


Bob - I have passed your 'little' hint over to our Holiday Creators - so lets see what they say!

Jellifer - The brochure will be with you towards the end of next month and the new holidays will up on the website around this time too...can you hold on until then?

Kindest regards,

RE: Christmas holidays - Jellifer - 09/03/2016

Thanks Monty.

Not knowing how much holiday to save for Christmas until the end of April will be problematic as I won't be in a position to book anything for the rest of the year before then. I have South Africa booked for October but was hoping to sneak in a trip somewhere in May/June. I'll just have to be patient!

RE: Christmas holidays - BGray - 09/03/2016

Many thanks Monty, much appreciated!

All the best,