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Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - mikew - 04/03/2016

Hi AbbaDave,
I'm replying to the post that you left on the Mexico-Guatemala-Belize thread about this change and asking Bob if he had received the above letter. Well, I've received mine and my thoughts are as follows.

We are now scheduled to arrive in Singapore 3 hours later than originally planned at 17.10hrs and yet JY's letter says that 'no sightseeing will be missed'. However the itinerary for Day 11 clearly states that 'you will have the afternoon to explore this modern city state before returning to the airport for your overnight flight back to the UK'. I fail to see how this new arrangement will not impact on the itinerary, particularly for those people not doing the add-on. At the very least it will be a much curtailed visit. In addition, an afternoon city tour would have given those people who are staying on, an idea of the layout of Singapore and where they would perhaps like to spend more time during their brief stay.

Monty - I would like to ask why this change was deemed necessary? JY's letter suggests that it is a consequence of 'airlines occasionally changing their flight schedules', but having visited the Singapore Airlines website the flight from Kota Kinabalu is still apparently operating as scheduled on 29th May!  

So a far clearer explanation from that currently provided would be very much appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in May.


RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - Moderator - 09/03/2016

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, we could not confirm our flights with Singapore airlines from Kota Kinabalu and we had to find alternative flights. This has resulted in a time change, which means that you are now arriving in Singapore 3 hours later.

For those who are not on the add-on, the itinerary gave you free time in Singapore if you wished to leave the airport between flights. There is always a possibility that this time maybe reduced due to flight delays or schedule changes. We are very sorry but in this instance the time has been reduced and a trip into Singapore would not be recommended.

For those of you who are on the add-on, you still have plenty of time to explore the fascinating city during your 3 night stay.

Apologies for this inconvenience - it is certainly something that hasn't been taken lightly here at JYHQ.

Kindest regards,

RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - BGray - 09/03/2016

Hi Mike,

I presume the letter received by those of us doing the add-on was different to that received by those who are not.  As Monty says, the shorter time between flights means that it would not be a good idea for those returning home that day to leave the airport (we were in a similar situation on our Vietnam/Cambodia tour when we were scheduled to have a "taster" tour of Kuala Lumpur on the way back, but this was cancelled due to worries over the time available).  It is a pity for those doing the main tour only, but better safe than sorry.  I am very glad I booked the add-on and I'm looking forward to three full days in Singapore, one of which includes a full day excursion so we will have two further free days to explore!

All the best,


RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - mikew - 09/03/2016

Hello Monty,
Many thanks for this explanation; I appreciate you coming back to me so promptly. I have booked the Singapore add-on, so this change doesn't affect me so much, but I feel for those people who would have liked a brief tour of the city before heading home.

I'm sure that those people not taking the add-on will take note of your recommendation not to travel into the city, although they've probably already worked out that the new flight schedule would not allow sufficient time.

Many thanks again

RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - AbbaDave - 09/03/2016

Hi Mike

many thanks for getting some info back from this question

I agree that as we now arrive in Singapore some three hours later than planned we will have a bigger rush on our hands than we already had and I would not be surprised if cost cutting was really behind it though let's not jump to conclusions, I also went on the Singapore airlines website and found that I would have been able to book at least nine places on that flight, I agree its not fair on those not doing the add on to as good as encourage them to pop out into the city which I don't suppose JY gave them any detail of how to go about this as I doubt you can just walk out the airport door into the city, I also presumed a city tour was included for them but on reading the brochure again it appears not

so I suppose we have three more hours in Borneo twiddling our thumbs waiting to depart for the airport which in effect will be similar to a flight delay and this is if there are no further delays and I also agree regarding no sightseeing will be missed well there will be in the form of personal sightseeing as our arrival time means getting out and about before darkness is unlikely

on a brighter note I look forward to seeing you and all our other travellers in a little over 11 weeks, and we must arrange that pre flight meal at the Three Magpies as mentioned in an earlier post

all the best


RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - Taffy - 09/03/2016


I'm am doing this holiday in June and have not booked the add-on in Singapore. Just wondering if our flight times have changed too? I'm lucky enough to have visited Singapore before so for me it's no big deal, although it would have been nice to break up the journey home. Mind you Singapore is an excellent airport, and whilst it's not the same as seeing Singapore itself it's a very comfortable airport to spend a few hours in. 


RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - Moderator - 09/03/2016

Hi Taffy,

You should have received a letter or you will be receiving one shortly to explain the situation - although I assume that you have already gathered what the situation is. You will also be arriving into Singapore at 17:10hrs which leaves you approximately 6 hours in Singapore before your connecting flight.

Let me know if you receive the letter, which will detail all of your new flight times.

Kindest regards,

RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - mikew - 09/03/2016

Hi Dave,
Regarding your theory that cost cutting is behind this flight change; I made some enquires about Air Asia before I asked my question and they are described as a 'low-cost airline', something that Singapore Airlines are definitely not - I'll say no more and let people draw their own conclusions!

It will be great to have a meal at the Three Magpies - I'm staying at the Park Inn which I believe is within walking distance, so we'll make some arrangements nearer the time.

All the best

RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - Hils - 09/03/2016

Hi Monty,

This is all news to me, as I have received no letter from JY regarding amended flight times. However, I am doing the add-on so probably won't affect me too much. I had requested specific seats which were confirmed by JY to me last month - does this mean I have to request them again? I've upgraded to Business Class on all flights.


RE: Flight Change Kota Kinabalu to Singapore - Hils - 10/03/2016

Hi Monty,

I have just phoned JY re this flight change as I have received no letter regarding it. Evidently there is no change to flights if you are doing the add-on, only if you are going straight home. I don't know if this applies just to me as I paid for my flights and seats way back in October. It does seem a shame for the people who are not doing the add-on that they may not get to see Singapore.