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Yosemite, Grand Canyon & Classic California - Mick W - 26/10/2014

Considering this holiday among other options for next year and think i've worked out the flights can you confirm that I'm correct and both the Manchester & Heathrow customers will meet up and connect at Newark and neither fly direct ?.

Just going by the times given the 9-25 UA from Manchester & 10-05 UA from heathrow are both Newark flights according to the website.

What time is the sheduled arrival in Phoenix ?


ps: pleased to see an holiday option the same price from both Manchester & Heathrow on all the available dates.

RE: Yosemite, Grand Canyon & Classic California - Julia - 27/10/2014

Hi Mick W,

You are correct in that both the London and Heathrow flights are to Newark and then everyone is on the same connecting flight from Newark which is scheduled to arrive in Phoenix at 18:10.

I must do the usual and stress that flights may be subject to change and all timings would be confirmed in your final documents.

Kindest regards,


P.S. I do like to hear when we have a happy customer! The team really do try to offer as many options as possible to our travellers.