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South Africa Explorer - Joany-Pony - 24/08/2014

Hi !
It has taken me MONTHS to pluck up the courage to book my first solo holiday and now I have finally done it and jumped in the deep end !

Already feeling nervous for 20th October departure on the South African Explorer. I'll be taking a connecting flight from Manchester. Anyone else in the same boat? And any advice from previous trips, please?

I'm a bit scared but VERY EXCITED too. Joan.[/size]

RE: South Africa Explorer - BGray - 26/08/2014

Hi Joan, I did this tour three years ago (although it's changed a little since then) but it is a truly fantastic holiday - you will have a brilliant time! I wrote a short review and also posted a thread in the Share your travel tips forum, so if you do a search or scroll through a few pages you should come across them. Hope you have a brilliant time!

Best wishes,


RE: South Africa Explorer - Joany-Pony - 27/08/2014

Hi Bob,
I've found your review and tips. Thanks for the info. - very helpful. Sounds like I won't have to try very hard to have a brilliant time. So looking forward to it.

Happy travels yourself.

Best Wishes, Joan.

RE: South Africa Explorer - SusieB - 27/08/2014

Hi Joan
I did this holiday last October and it was absolutely brilliant. You couldn't have made a better choice for your first JY holiday. Go prepared to take hundreds of photos and make some good friends too. I know you will have a wonderful and memorable time. Thumbs Up
Best wishes

RE: South Africa Explorer - Joany-Pony - 28/08/2014

Hi Sue.
Thanks for your re-assuring post. I'm so excited (though a little nervous -but I guess that's most folk the first solo trip.) Hope you have / had another good trip this year.
Will let you know if it comes up to my expectations. Feel sure it will.
Best Wishes