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RE: Apulia - 15th September - Janspex - 10/07/2014

(09/07/2014, 04:12 PM)Trish 2 Wrote:
(30/06/2014, 03:20 PM)mikethesaint Wrote: Hi Julia,
I'm considering booking the Discover Apulia holiday departing on the 15th September.
As I cannot find the information on the website are you able to give me the current flight details for departure and arrival from Gatwick.
Also how many people have currently booked and the breakdown of men/women.
Many thanks

Hi Mike, does this mean you are not coming to China with me and Bob?

I am going on this trip and the flight time has been confirmed as 9.10 am from Gatwick

RE: Apulia - 15th September - BGray - 10/07/2014

Hi Mike, I'm sorry you won't be joining us in China, but Apulia sounds like a lovely holiday. Like you I love Italy and I'm looking forward to hopefully taking more holidays there further down the road. I hope you book and have a great holiday!

Best wishes,


RE: Apulia - 15th September - Jaya - 11/07/2014


I am sure you will enjoy Apulia. Manisha who was with us in Italy and Croatia went there last year and said that it was a lovely holiday.



RE: Apulia - 15th September - BGray - 12/07/2014

Hi Mike,

There are three great reviews of the Apulia holiday today (Saturday) on the JY page on Feefo if you want to check them out. I usually take reviews with a bit of a pinch of salt unless they all say the same thing and these reviews are universally positive, so it all sounds good! Hope you have a great holiday,