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Pyramids March 2010 - DebbieW - 16/02/2010

I have received all my tickets etc today and I have a couple of queries.

Why do all the optional excursions need to be paid for in Dollars when the currency in egypt is egyptian pounds? and is the cost of the balloon ride a printing error? friends of mine have just come back from there (2 days ago actually) and in their tour group they paid 400 Egyptian pounds each (about £50 english), if you convert $195 dollars to egyptian pounds it is equal to 1070 egypt pounds(about £125 english), nearly three times the price!! in anybodys book that is an extortianate price hike, and their tour group were only charged in Egypt pounds for everything NOT Dollars why aren't justyou doing the same??

Pyramids March 2010 - Olly - 19/02/2010

Hello Debbie
We always use US dollars when working with our partners in Egypt because it is a more stable currency. The Egyptian pound is more volatile, which can mean fluctuations in price.
As for the different prices of the excursions, these will vary from company to company. At Just You we offer the best quality tours, the most experienced guides and ensure the highest standards of safety for our customers. And while we always aim to offer good value, we also believe that the cheapest possible experience isn't necessarily the best experience.
Have a great trip.
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor