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Feedback - Texan Ranch Experience / general comments - cheral - 25/09/2007

Hi Cheryl
I have recently returned from the Texan Ranch experience and had a really fab time. I have been on many singles holidays and this one certainly ranks as one of the best. My only feedback is that 9 days is not long enough given how far we travelled and would like to suggest that you either extend the holiday by about 4 days at another location or have an optional extension.

My other more general comment is that Just You seem to be missing out on attracting younger single travellers which is a fairly common query on the message board. The brochures photo's seem to be of mainly white haired 50+ people. I have always enjoyed holidays which catering for all age groups it gives a good mix to the group. I know there are travel companies out there that target specific age groups for single travellers but feel you may be missing a business opportunity.

Finally, I love "Your Community".


Feedback - Texan Ranch Experience / general comments - patbryan - 29/09/2007

Hi Cheral,

I also wanted to go on the Texan ranch but agree with you it is too far to travel for so short a time. I would have to go from Manchester to Gatwick too, so 6 aircraft for a weeks holiday!!

Instead I booked on 'Americas Parks & Canyons with the ranch add-on - it will still be 6 planes but at least I get 12 nights there! Really looking forward to it



Feedback - Texan Ranch Experience / general comments - unahurley - 04/10/2007

Hi Cheral

Interested in going on Texan Ranch Experience next year would you need to be fit for horse riding or is it pretty low key? Is the accomodation comfortable? Agree with you on the photos in brochure portray majority of older clientele having a great holiday when on message boards seems to be a lot of interest from 40something range.

Una H

Feedback - Texan Ranch Experience / general comments - cheral - 07/10/2007

Patricia - I have also been looking at the American National Parks and Canyons with the Arizona add-on. It looks really good.

Una - many people on the holiday had either not been on a horse before or it was many years ago. The riding was very easy and always at a walking pace. You don't need to be fit and don't get saddle sore either or was that just me because I have a tough rump, lol.