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pyramids and nile cruise may - isabelle p - 31/03/2010

hi olly
this will be my first trip with just you can you tell me how many will be going and if anyone is travelling from newcastle? also what are the arrangements for meeting at the airport?
thanks isabelle p

pyramids and nile cruise may - Olly - 01/04/2010

Hello Isabelle, so far there are 21 people booked on this holiday, and there are 16 places still available. Some of these are likely to be booked as well.
Out of the 21 people already booked, 2 are flying from Newcastle.
A Just You holiday representative will meet you and your fellow travellers either at Heathrow Airport, or at the airport in Cairo. Don't worry about not being able to find anyone. When you get to Heathrow, you are likely to find a big group of your fellow travellers waiting for your departing flight to Cairo. Also, Just You tries to block book all of the seats on their flights so that all of our passengers will not be alone, and so that they will be able to get to know one another before their holiday begins.
I hope this information helps put your mind at ease, and if you have any other queries then feel free to message me. Have a fantastic holiday!

Kind regards

James, your editor