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New member - Simon 1985 - 25/06/2013

Hello there,

I've never been on a Just you holiday, i am just wondering what is the average age of people on your holidays, I'm in my late 20s and I'm interested in your walking trip holiday in the Yorkshire Dales but unsure what age other travellers may be?

RE: New member - Julia - 25/06/2013

Hi Simon,

First of all, welcome to the Just You community.

The age question is one that is asked quite a lot and I would recommend reading the following thread:

This was started by one of our members (Mick W) and a number of others have added to this, sharing the ages of people in their groups. What they say does reflect the average tour whereby the majority of travellers are 40+ but at the same time, you'll sometimes find a few outside of this.

As Walking in Yorkshire is a new tour for 2013, sadly I can't look at the ages of those who has historically joined us to guide you.

Kindest regards,


RE: New member - nixon - 25/06/2013

Welcome Simon

There are some people on here in your age bracket...MARK!!!!! Can I also just say that not everyone uses this forum.

As Julia has said as this is a new tour there is no history to go time goes on, Julia can check the bookings and find out the ages and ration of M/F etc...

I have been travelling since 2006 with JY I am now 54, also the age sometimes does depend on what kind of tour your looking at....I have been on 9 tours

Please do not let the age put you off...I know 30 year old that don't have half the stamina that the 70 year Olds have..