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Tour Size / Gender Mix / Age Range. - DouglasL - 16/06/2013


I am going on my first JustYou Holiday on the 5th September - "Highlights of Tuscany".

What is liable to be the group size? Does this vary according to what tour you book on? What will the gender mix be and also probable age range?


RE: Tour Size / Gender Mix / Age Range. - Julia - 17/06/2013

Hi Douglas,

This date is fully booked with 35 travellers, the age range is late thirties to late seventies and the gender mix is 4 men and the rest women.

Group sizes, ages and gender mixes vary on every tour and date. Whilst we set group sizes based on demand for the holiday and hotel and flight allocations, the customers that book on these tours change with each departure. Historically there have been more women than men travelling with us however, we are seeing more men booking with us (and a few holidays this year have seen almost a 50m/50f split). The majority of our travellers are 45+ but there are more and more younger travellers joining our holidays.

I hope this information helps,

Kindest regards,