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RE: 2014 dates - marks - 22/05/2013

Hi BGray,

Yes, Croatia tour definitely. I have fallen in love with the country (thanks to JY) so the new Makarska trip is a dream. I've made myself a target to visit all four of it's UNESCO national parks and this trip offers a visit to Krka-i've already done Plitvice! I'm not someone who can sit on a beach all day- i need to move and i find the combination of history/modernity/scenery and relaxation on these holidays ideal. I have had a good response to the Montenegro thread (Will- i hope you're listening hehe) and Slovenia is a new holiday yayay.

For the first time i have the money and not the time! Because im studying a medicine related degree, i spend the summer on placement whilst my fellow students are getting a suntan! As a result i have August, Easter and Christmas hence i only have a select choice. The other alternative is to use Travelsphere more frequently.

RE: 2014 dates - Jaya - 22/05/2013

Hi Bob

I totally agree with you. I decided to travel more and enjoy life after I was first diagnosed with cancer. I thought there was no point in saving hard for the future - might as well enjoy life while I can. Anyway nowadays we get 'penalised' for saving!!



RE: 2014 dates - marks - 23/05/2013

Hi Jaya,

Completely agree with your philosophy- i am just glad i discovered it at 21 and not later on in life!

Thanks and good luck with your treatment.


RE: 2014 dates - Jaya - 24/05/2013

Thanks Mark. I am glad you agree with me. Enjoy life while you can and have the energy to do so. Good luck with your studies and happy travelling. By the time you reach my age, you will have seen the world!



RE: 2014 dates - marks - 24/05/2013


Couldn't agree more. I just can't wait till i graduate in 2 and a half years) when i can explore beyond Europe.



RE: 2014 dates - ruthmcnerlan - 28/05/2013

I see there are now 11 holidays with dates for 2014 on the website!! Looking forward to the rest of the 2014 dates being released to get some travel ideas for next year :-)

RE: 2014 dates - Julia - 28/05/2013

Hi Ruth,

Our preview brochure has now been sent to the printers and our team upstairs are busy loading all the dates on to the system. Over the next few days/week you'll see a even more tours with 2014 dates added.

A quick note to Bob - can you guess what I've seen in the reservations system? A certain holiday should be available to you very soon!

Kindest regards,

RE: 2014 dates - BGray - 28/05/2013

Hi Julia, I can't wait!!!

I've noticed a number of new holiday dates for 2014 on the system over the last few days - South Africa and Australia among them. Hope your travel advisors are very busy in the coming weeks!

All the best,


RE: 2014 dates - Maria_19 - 31/05/2013

I do hope there are more departutes from Manchester or Liverpool
next year. It was disappointing to see them removed from this year's brochure. I had hoped to do the Cilento Coast from Liverpool but had to change my plans when I discovered it was no longer available.

RE: 2014 dates - Rosie9 - 31/05/2013

Hi,I have taken my first holiday this year with JY, enjoyed it so much I have booked a second holiday. I would also like to see more flights from Manchester or Liverpool, not too bad getting a connection to Heathrow, to take a holiday However Gatwick is not an opton as not so easy to get to, so any holidays from Gatwick that I would like to take with JY I have to pass up,