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World of China - CJW - 19/02/2010

Hi Olly - I am going on the World of China tour in June 2010. Could you give me any guide as to what we (male) should wear for the Beijing Opera. Jackets/Tie etc? Also any idea of numbers and mix for that tour yet and the tour manager? Thanks Chris W

World of China - Olly - 23/02/2010

Hi Chris
I just want to check - do you mean The Wonder of China (tour code SLCX8) and is your departure date the 9th or 16th June?
There is no special dress code for the opera so shirt and trousers will be fine.
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor

World of China - CJW - 24/02/2010

Hi Olly - the China tour is the 16th June

World of China - Olly - 24/02/2010

Hi Chris
There are 37 people on your trip - 8 men and 29 women - and your tour manager will be John Drylie.
Have a great trip.
Kind regards
Olly, your editor