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My Mum - vickyhartley - 26/03/2008

Hi, my mum is 78 (going on 48!!) and is a bit nervous about going on a 'singles' holiday. She is very fit (she walks 10-12 miles every Sunday, with the local rambling club. She also likes dancing, gardening and socialising (I call it flirting!!) Please email me if you think this is her sort of holiday. Vicky

My Mum - nixon - 01/04/2008


If your Mum is Game then she will have a great holiday I am 49 so a YOUNGER one but then I have been away and some ofe the older!! ones can do much more walking etc than me...just get her to choose a holiday she fancys, I have done Poland and the Tatra Mountain,...Boston New England and New York...and just got back from Nashville and Memphis music tour... I went with my Ma in Law to Boston, and travelled on my own for the other two.

Cindy Dinsmore