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Rocky Mountaineer 15th May - Freedom - 23/02/2008

Just wondering if any other folk are flying down on the shuttle from Manchester to join above holiday. Might be nice to meet up beforehand?

Rocky Mountaineer 15th May - janicek - 03/03/2008

Hello Again Kath,
I'm starting to wonder if we are off on this trip on our own! Every time I think about it I get so nervous. Daft question really, but how many cases are you taking? It's like packing for 2 different holidays really as we're doing the add on to Alaska, formal nights on the ship etc. On the BA website it states we can take 2 pieces at 23 kg per piece. I'm not good at being decisive/travelling light!
Hope to hear from you,

Rocky Mountaineer 15th May - Cheryl- your editor - 06/03/2008

Hello to you both,

Don't worry, you're not travelling alone - there are currently 22 of you booked on the Rocky Mountaineer holiday on the 15th May.

I hope you both have a super time - would love to hear some stories when you get back!

Speak soon,

Cheryl, your editor

Rocky Mountaineer 15th May - Freedom - 24/03/2008

Hi Janice
The holiday is getting very close now isn't it? Especially having paid for it! Having got more details about the flight I am a bit happier about things as I fly into Terminal 5 from Manchester so don't have to worry about changing Terminals, and hopefully once I have given my case in at Manchester I won't need to do anything until I get to Canada and hopefully it will be on the carousel!! I will check that tho' before I leave. I keep looking at my clothes, particulary for the Aslaska cruise and can't decide whether things are formal or informal! but I don't suppose they'll throw me off the boat if I'm incorrectly dressed!
As far as cases go I think I will just have one big case and a bag or rucksack as hand luggage, I don't think I can cope with anything more.
I haven't heard from anyone else going down on the shuttle from Manchester so will meet everyone in the Exec lounge on the 15th.

Rocky Mountaineer 15th May - janicek - 26/03/2008

Hello Kath,
Seven weeks tomorrow (not that I am counting) I'll be flying into terminal one, I think I have about 3 hours to make my way to terminal 5 so hoping for no delays at the Belfast end.
I don't think I am formal really in relation to the cruise. I have tried to choose things that I will wear again and long dresses are just not my thing!
Look forward to meeting you on 15th May and here's hoping for a wonderful trip.