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Australia 22days in October - garf - 25/01/2010

Can you advise if this trip is very popular as I would like to visit Australia I understand that the weather is pretty good at this time of year. Have you many bookings for this date.



Australia 22days in October - Olly - 26/01/2010

Hi Kenny
Nine people have booked this tour so far, so you would be the 10th. It's still early days though, so I would expect that number to rise quite a bit.
The weather will be very nice but also very variable as you will be travelling around a very large area. As a rule of thumb, the coastal areas will be a little cooler, with a maximum high of around 20-22 degrees Celsius, while inland at Alice Springs the temperature could rise to the low to mid 30s.
It's unlikely to get terribly cold or wet but I would always pack a jumper or a lightweight waterproof just in case.
Have a great trip!
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor

Australia 22days in October - mer - 11/02/2010

Hi Olly,

I'm thinking of booking the Austrailia trip in October but don't have enough leave to take for the add-on stop overs. Have many of the people who have already booked, booked the stop-overs or are some just going for the 22 days? Do you know who the tour manager will be yet?


Australia 22days in October - Olly - 12/02/2010

So far 13 people have booked the main tour and a handful have booked add-ons/stopovers too.
We haven't appointed a tour manager for this trip yet, but if you can write again nearer departure - in late August, maybe - I should be able to tell you.
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor

Australia 22days in October - mer - 21/02/2010

Hi Olly
Sorry forgot to ask, have the welcome parties the night before the holiday been stopped, there doesn't seem to be anything in the brochure about them any more. They were great for helping you to settle in and not feel quite so nervous about getting to know people before the holiday.

Australia 22days in October - Olly - 22/02/2010

You are right - we stopped running the pre-tour get-togethers at the start of the year.
However, you might be able to find some fellow travellers on the community who also want to meet ahead of flying. Your best bet is to post a message on the message board, in the section 'Get to know your fellow passengers before you fly'.
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor