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Mauritus sept 2010 - Julie1960 - 12/02/2010

I went to your eveing at The Metropole in Brighton last night and it was said your all inclusive trips are new . I'm thinking about going to Mauritus in September this will be my first trip alone , i have checked the internet for the hotel you have picked and the write ups aren't that inspiring . Do you Guarentee this hotel will be satisfactory . Thankyou

Mauritus sept 2010 - Olly - 12/02/2010

Hi Julie
We are always very careful to check that the hotels we feature are of a high standard, as the last thing we want is for a customer to be disappointed with their holiday.
Online reviews are interesting but I'd always take them with a pinch of salt unless you know who wrote them. For example, good reviews might be written by the owner, while bad ones could be the work of a rival hotel next door!
I can assure you we will have checked your hotel very carefully, and I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in Mauritius.
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor

Mauritus sept 2010 - Julie1960 - 12/02/2010

Thankyou very much and may i say your staff did a very good job of putting me at ease and made everyone welcome .