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Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Bungle - 26/02/2010


I am looking at booking this holiday as I would really like to visit Egypt as I have an interest in the history of Ancient Egypt and would like to see the sites.

However this would be my first time travelling abroad by myself and I'm a little nervous about it. One thing that worries me is what happens at meal times? Not all meals are included are they? So do are we all left to our own devices to find something to eat? TBH I'm nervous about that in a foreign country.

Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Olly - 02/03/2010


I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time in Egypt - it's one of the places I'd most love to see.

There's nothing to worry about regarding meals. As you say, not all of the meals are included in the price on this tour but where they aren't, there will usually be the option of dining at the hotel.

Your tour manager will also be able to advise you about suitable restaurants or cafes in the area, if you feel like venturing further afield. You can often learn a lot about a place by eating away from the hotels, so I would defintely recommend trying the experience at least once.

Kind regards,
Olly, your editor

Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Bungle - 07/03/2010

Hi Olly,

Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure about venturing outside of the hotel for food on my own in a foreign country. For the meals that are not included do people usually go as a group or do they separate into small groups or individuals? I'm sorry if my questions seem a bit silly, but this would be my first holiday abroad since I went with my parents when I was 16 20 years ago, and I'm not a very confident person.


Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Bungle - 08/03/2010

Hi again, Olly,

I knew I would forget to ask something! I know that visits to Egypt require early starts because of the heat during the day, but what sort of times are we talking about? If I think of any more questions I'll let you know. Wink


Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Olly - 09/03/2010

Hi Graham
In these situations, people tend to venture out in a group or smaller groups but there is usually the option of eating in the hotel for a small charge. You will probably find there is a group 'eating in' as well. Either way you won't have to venture out on your own if you don't want to.
Kind regards
Olly, your editor

Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Olly - 09/03/2010

Hello Graham, I have found some information regarding start times for the days on your holiday. Please note that these timings are approximate:

Airport transfer in Cairo: 20-30mins.

Day 2 Cairo: Start 8-8.30am and return to hotel 4.30pm

Day 3 Luxor & Karnak Temple - Depending on flight arrival time from Cairo but roughly 9am-12pm.

Day 4 Early start for Valley of the Kings - 05.30-06.30 and return for lunch 1pm.

Day 5 Esna Temple: 9am return for lunch and continue to Edfu Temple at 2.30pm return to ship at 4.30pm.

Day 6 Kom Ombo Temple: 7.30am return to ship for a morning sailing to Aswan. Depart for Aswan Dam at 1pm.

Hopefully this information will help give you an idea as to how early a day can start.

Kind regards

James, your editor

Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Bungle - 11/03/2010


Thanks a lot for all the info, guys!

What happens about food when we're away from the hotel for most of the day?



Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Olly - 12/03/2010

Hello Graham, during the day time you will be out with your group and there will be opportunities for you to buy some food. Your holiday includes a lot of the main tourist attractions in Egypt and so there will be very nice places for food and drink wherever you travel. Just remember to take your spending money out with you.
I hope this information has been helpful and if you have any further queries then feel free to email me.

Kind regards

James, your editor

Pyramids and Nile Cruise - DebbieW - 12/03/2010

Hi Graham,
I have just returned from this holiday, couple of things you need to be aware of. First of all although they say it's a four night cruise you are actually only cruising up the river nile for a day & half the majority of the time you are moored and usually 3 or 4 a berth, so although you may indeed have a "panoramic" window, for most of the time you are either looking at the dock which is filthy and full of rubbish or the boat moored next to you, depending on which side you are on. The Early starts are well worth putting up with as the sites are amazing, however do be prepared for the amount of crowds at ALL the sites and for the pestering from the market & bazaar traders. As long as you are firm and fair though you will have a fun time. Don't worry about the eating arrangements as the hotel has some very good restaraunts and I am sure your tour manager or local guide ( both of whom- Carole & Rasha- on our tour were fantastic, can't praise either of them enough) you should get two bottles of water a day and any extras you can purchase from the driver (cheaper than the hotel/boat etc) Don't expect first class cuisuine on the Ms Tulip as I am afraid you wont get it! I would highly reccommend the Hot Air balloon trip and with any luck you will get Captain Bob a great pilot (what he did with our balloon was to be seen to be beleived!)do keep things locked away on board the boat!!!! I suspect that this message will be highly summarised/censored so do ask Olly for my e mail address I am happy for you to have it! and just enjoy yourself and have fun It was truly a fantastic holiday!

PS I do hope you get to see the whirling dervish,I still have no idea how A)he walked in a straight line afterwards and B)his head didn't fall off!

Have fun Graham


Pyramids and Nile Cruise - Bungle - 12/03/2010

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your post; it's nice to hear from someone who's actually been on this trip. I more or less knew about what you mentioned about the cruise from some research I've done about it on the net. It doesn't really bother me as my main interest in this trip is to see the sites, and the cruise itself is secondary. Also my brother, who has been to Egypt, warned me of the pestering by the locals.

I'm not sure about the balloon trip as I'm not one for heights!

BTW when you were on this trip what sort of age range were your fellow travellers, and was it mostly men or woman or mixed?

Hi, James.

Thanks a lot. What is your email address btw?