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highlights of India and Pushkar - abigail - 04/05/2008

Travelling on Nov 2 2008. Any info on this trip would be appreciated, especially what is the tented accommodation like at the camel fair.

highlights of India and Pushkar - Cheryl- your editor - 06/05/2008

Hi Sally,

Thanks for your message. I am just looking into getting you some more information on the tented accommodation for the camel fair, I will get back to you asap.

What kind of other information were you looking for? I will do my best to answer any queries you have.

Kind regards

Cheryl, your editor

highlights of India and Pushkar - Cheryl- your editor - 09/05/2008

Hi Sally,

I have managed to find you some information on the accommodation at the camel fair....

At Pushkar your accommodation will be in special tents. Every year thousands of tents are pitched during the fair to accommodate the thousands of visitors that flock to this spectacle.

Each tent has its own attached bathroom and a bedroom along with a small sit-out area. Bathrooms are private with cold running water 24 hours a day. Hot water is provided in buckets in the mornings and evenings. Other requests can be made at reception.

Your tented camp will have a self-contained dining tent in the central orchard area. There is daily cultural entertainment and campfires as well. There is adequate security in your camp. However we do recommend that you keep any valuables at the reception during the time you are in the fair.

During your visits to the fair basic camel carts are provided. For additional cart trips or camel rides, jeep or horse safaris etc please ask your tour manager. Wake up call can be set up at the receptions. There are no telephones in the tents, however all calls can be made from the reception.

I hope this is what you were looking for! If you have any other questions regarding your holiday, I will be happy to help.

Warm wishes

Cheryl, your editor

highlights of India and Pushkar - abigail - 22/05/2008

Dear Cheryl, Thanks for info on tents at Pushkar Camel Fair. This is going to be an adventure. Regards Sally