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Egypt, nile cruise & red sea - shiranthi - 31/08/2008

Hi, I am going on my maiden holiday and am wondering how much money I should carry if I want to go on all the excursions. Also, some ideas about the wardrobe would be appreciated.

Egypt, nile cruise & red sea - Cheryl- your editor - 15/09/2008

Hi Shiranthi
There are two optional excursions on this tour. The Temple of Abu Simbel tour costs $195 US and the evening Pyramids of Giza sound and light show costs $40 US.
A tour of the Pyramids of Giza IS included but it's worth noting that if you want to go inside the pyramids, a fee is payable at the site.
Egypt is very hot by day, especially in the summer, so light clothing such as linen trousers would be an advantage. The temperature drops at night, so having some layers (jumpers, jackets etc) to put on is a good idea.
Have a fantastic trip,
Cheryl, your editor

Egypt, nile cruise & red sea - momolinda - 29/09/2008

Thanks for the information on costs and clothing-but I an taking the trip in November and wondered whether cropped/capri trousers are okay or would long trousers be better?

Egypt, nile cruise & red sea - Cheryl- your editor - 01/10/2008

Hi Linda,

Cropped trousers should be fine to take. It is still going to be hot in November, an average of 25/26 degrees. So summer clothes will be best to pack. Like I said before though, make sure you pack some cardigans or jumpers for the night time as the temperature drops and you will really feel it otherwise.

I hope this has helped. If you need any other information, please let me know.

Warm wishes,

Cheryl, your editor

Egypt, nile cruise & red sea - momolinda - 05/10/2008

Thanks for the info. on clothing-can you tell me if there will be any time to visit the famous souq Khan- al-Khalili as my guide book says it is very interesting!!!

Egypt, nile cruise & red sea - Cheryl- your editor - 06/10/2008

Hi momolinda,
I have contacted the department and asked about the details of the Egypt trip and by the sounds of it you will not be spending a lot of time in Cairo, and the time you do spend there will be filled with touring many fantastic places.

When you arrive in Egypt, it may be worth asking your tour manager about how the time in Cairo will be managed and whether there will be a chance to visit the souq Khan-al-Khalili at any point during the tour.

I hope this information has been helpful and if there are any more questions then please do not hesitate to email me.

Kind regards

Cheryl, your editor