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tour manager - minkey - 19/09/2008

I have booked to do Wonder of China on 15th October. It will be my birthday (55th) on 17th, is it possibke to arrange some type of celebration for the group? Not sure but I thought I'd ask!! I hope you don't think i'm being over the top! From my calculations I thnik we're going to the Opera that night. This is my first trip

tour manager - Cheryl- your editor - 22/09/2008

Hi Sheila,

I dont think you are being over the top at all...sounds like a great idea to me!

I think the best thing to do is to speak to your tour manager when you get there and they will be happy to help you arrange something. Maybe a get together drink or meal before or after the Opera....I think everyone will enjoy a good knees up!

So when you arrive, mention your plans to the tour manager. All there is left to day is Happy Birthday and I hope yo have a great time!

Warm wishes,

Cheryl, your editor