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Flying/Airport Question - clarelk - 29/07/2008


Not sure if I should have posted this under the Editor heading or here.

Anyway, I would like to have a go at holidaying on my own having never done it before. At 42 and being single I do take short breaks with a couple of friends and family but as they have other commitments it's not easy booking something for say 7days plus.

However, one of the reasons stopping me "going it alone" and it's a BIG reason is that I'm really very nervous of flying and just couldn't contemplate it alone ! If I were to book with Just You but it involved flying, would there be someone at the airport to meet me (Gatwick is nearest to me) ?

Alternatively, I suppose I could book a coach tour.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Flying/Airport Question - Cheryl- your editor - 30/07/2008

Hi Claire,

I understand this is very daunting, being a little nervous of flying myself!

On all of our holidays, there will be a tour guide to meet you at the airport along with all your fellow passengers, so you will not be alone. Alternatively you may want to choose one of our holidays which provide a pre-holiday evening dinner where you can meet your tour manager and all the other passengers on the night before you travel. This will make it easier for you on the day of departure as you will have already made some friends who can stay with you for the duration of your flight etc. I hope this has helped. If you give me a few ideas of which holidays/destinations you are interested in, I can find out some information on the pre-holiday get togethers for you???

Warm wishes,

Cheryl, your editor

Flying/Airport Question - nixon - 30/07/2008


Like you I do not like flying, but please do not let this stop you having a holiday. I have flown to Poland and Usa (Twice) with JY, and it works really well, I have done the meet before hand, and have just arrived at airport both worked well for me. There will be a rep to see you at the airport, and most probally travel on the plane, if not they meet you the other end. I am 49 and love the holiday's. I am going to Usa in October with a lady I met on previous tour, and to Austria in May with ladies I met on the Poland trip. So great place to visit. Strangers are just friends we have not met yet... enjoy your holiday.


Flying/Airport Question - clarelk - 02/08/2008

Hallo Cindy

Thanks very much for the words of encouragement. That's what I would eventually like to do - meet one or two people whom I could holiday with and who have the same interests.

What a lovely way of putting it also - strangers are friends we have not met yet !

Flying/Airport Question - Paul - 03/08/2008

On the question of flights, I was wondering whether JY try to seat fellow passengers who are all going on the same tour near each other on flights as they travel to/from the holiday desination. Thanks

Flying/Airport Question - nixon - 04/08/2008


I dont know what the officail policy is but on my 3 trips. I have allways sat with fellow travelers, so I assume the seats are maybe blocked booked by JY. But I dont know that for sure. I hope you get the answer to your question.


Flying/Airport Question - Cheryl- your editor - 04/08/2008

Hi Paul,

We do try and book block the seats on the plane, however this is not guarenteed. as you will all be checking in together, this shouldnt be a problem. We can guarentee that you wont be sitting alone though, there will always be someone from the group with you. I hope this helps, please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Warm wishes,

Cheryl, your editor

Flying/Airport Question - JudithP - 19/08/2008

I am going on a trip to USA and would like to sit with other members of the group on the flight out, but when I asked a similar question a while ago I was told it couldn't be guaranteed as you check in separately. Is this not correct?

Flying/Airport Question - Cheryl- your editor - 19/08/2008

Hi Judith,

As I have said to Paul (please see below), the group will normally sit togthether as you should check in with other members of the party, however this is not guaranteed. People that check in together should get seats together so maybe arrange this with some of your fellow travellers? You will not travel sitting alone though so please do not worry.

If I can help you with any further information, please let me know.

Warm wishes,

Cheryl, your editor

Flying/Airport Question - Kathleen - 20/08/2008

I have been on 3 long haul hols with JY and there has never been a block booking. My first one was to Thailand, checked in at Heathrow, no rep.The first person I saw to do with holiday was the local guide when I cleared immigration in Thailand. Number 2 was Kenya,the rep was at airport and checked us in. I was in line with others but I sat alone all the way. Number 3 was South Africa, was very good as I went with the ladies I had met in Kenya. We got seats together! Sorry, I had to say what I went through but as you can see it never put me off! I am off on holiday number 4 to Namibia in November and have also booked for Costa Rica NOV.09 with friends I made in Kenya!