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who is our tour manager?! - cathy61 - 21/09/2008

Can you tell me who our tour manager is, for the Cyprus trip in late October? Thanks, Cathy

who is our tour manager?! - Cheryl- your editor - 23/09/2008

Hi Cathy,

Your tour manger in Cyprus will be CRISTINA HURDUIALA. She is a very popular tour manager, she lives in Liverpool and has worked for us for over 5 years..

She works mainly in Italy; Romania; Cypress; Jordan and Central & South America.

She has led this tour before so will know her stuff!

I hope this has helped. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Warm wishes,

Cheryl, your editor

who is our tour manager?! - irenemic - 26/09/2008

I have just come back from Italy with Travelsphere, Christina was our tour manager for the 8 days we were away, she is brilliant, bubbly and a good laugh. All on our tour were very taken with her, her organisational skills were spot on, getting us all together at the right time and place, not easy with a coachload of people, always with a smile on her face. Thanks for a great tour Christina. Irene