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brian croft - imelda - 03/06/2007

hello brian,we met in greenland 2006.
remember we had a fabulous holiday.
all those icebergs were fantastic and we all kept
taking more and more photos.i have one of you holding "black ice" ! also watching the midnight sun at 02.00 am you climbing the rocks for just one more photo !
would love to join you again on one of the tours.
am going on polar bear trip oct 9th this year
can you get the tour managers job,
anyway until we meet again have fun.

brian croft - cruisebaby - 03/08/2007

Imelda Hynes Hi...Yes wasnt it an awsome trip!! I loved it, I remember it so well, all that ice flow and the sunny days of endless blue skies! and sunsets at 2am. Enjoy the Polar Bears..tell us how it goes! Ciao..

brian croft - imelda - 04/11/2007

the polar bear trip was absolutely fabulous,seen bears close up right next to the truck just like you
see in the brochures.another trip of a lifetime !
got a list of holidays i want to go on so hopefully see
you soon on one of them.
happy globetrotting.