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Costa de la Luz, 29.09.08 - catherineisabel - 03/06/2008

I have run into difficulties and may have to cancel ; if I do, will I just lose the deposit as at this stage that is all I've paid? Would you let me know asap? Many thanks, Cathy

Costa de la Luz, 29.09.08 - Cheryl- your editor - 03/06/2008

Hi catherine,

Thanks for your message, I hope everythig is alright. As your holiday is more then 42 days away from departure, you will only loose your deposit...good news! However, if a low cost flight was paid for separately in addition to your deposit at the time of booking, the cost of the flight is non refundable in the event of cancellation.

The only thing I can suggest that you do is call our customer service team on 0870 252 8111 and they will be able to inform you of anything that you are not sure about.

I hope this helps and as I said before, I do hope everything is ok.

Kind regards

Cheryl, your editor